Bimini Gin Original Review

by Evangelina Galyean

Nestled just inland of Saco Bay on Maine’s coast, sits a 150 year old  building once a textile mill that is now home to Round Turn Distillery. There the company produces Bimini Gin, using centuries-old pot-still distilling methods together with fresh water that flows to the nearby Saco River straight from the White Mountains in neighboring New Hampshire. Combining innovation with tradition the company creates Gin inspired by the regions sought-after summer weather, with clean and refreshing botanicals like chamomile, orris root, Mt. Hood hops, and grapefruit peel. Together the flavors mold the perfect summer drink to be enjoyed near salt water and sunshine.

Nose- Fresh ground black pepper corn, warm soil, and light citrus zest

Palate- bold and in your face black pepper, when diluted with a few drops of filtered water, the mouthfeel turns to more of a syrup and the spirit is better balanced throughout the palate. A refreshing tartness emerges, along with light floral notes.

Finish- Initial sizzling from the pepper surprisingly relinquishes its hold and  is replaced by a sweeter embrace of citrus and herbal tea leaves

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