Bespoken Spirits Whiskey Review

by Levi Whitted

Bespoken Spirits is a highly awarded relatively new operation that uses an innovative method to create some truly remarkable spirits at a great deal. Unwilling to sacrifice quality for antiquated tradition, bespoken spirits use a “craft maturation” method that uses less than 3% of the wood, 1% of the energy and just a fraction of the water required by traditional barrel aging methods, yielding a line of unique spirits that are both sustainably crafted and full of character. According to Bespoken Spirits; “Rather than putting spirit in a barrel and waiting passively for nature to take its course, we instill the barrel into the spirit, actively controlling the process that enhances aroma, color and taste.” Their 100-proof rye whiskey is brimming with unique flavors while their straight bourbon whiskey drinks like one of your favorite approachable classics.

Rye Whiskey

Nose- Deep fragrances of toasted oak and sweet caramel are unmistakable.

Palate- Exceptionally smooth on the palate at first with smoky spiciness evolving in the mouth over time. Vibrant notes of caramel, cinnamon, and spice emerge the mouth.

Finish– A warm spicy heat fades to a lingering taste of sweet cinnamon.

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Nose- Aromas of sweet caramel and vanilla with a hint of cherry wood.

Palate- Fairly smooth in the mouth with flavorful notes of orange and lightly toasted oak mixing on the palate.

Finish– Finishes slowly and smoothly with notes of vanilla and mandarin.

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