California Cowboy Bourbon Review

by Evangelina Galyean

It’s nice to know when you raise a glass that you can also support a good cause. California Cowboy Whiskey shares their spirit made in a distillery in Kentucky along with some southern comfort, sends it over to California to be bottled then delivers it right to your door. The benefits go both ways when you purchase their Straight Bourbon or Straight Rye whiskey, a portion from each bottle sold gets donated to the Wild Horse Sanctuary in Shingletown, Ca. The proceeds allows them to continue in their mission to protect and preserve America’s wild horses. Reminiscent of the young and restless steeds that occupy open plains, California Cowboy whiskey is true to its nature, with no added flavors or colors. Carefully crafted for those spirited individuals who are independent, determined and persistent in everything they undertake, whether it be from the expanses of the grassland or the top office of a sky-scraper.

California Cowboy Bourbon Tasting Notes

Nose – Sweet summer fruit and honey, then light wafts of caramelized oak.

Palate- Initial flavor of oak & spice softly settles into a nutty taste that lingers after your first swallow

Finish- Initial sip ends with a mild yet inviting kick that heats up all the way down followed by a consistently clean & smooth finish throughout.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion California Cowboy Bourbon is best enjoyed neat. Although it would make a great addition to a cocktail, it’s unique and flavorful character deserves your full attention and appreciation. This is a bourbon that has been aged a minimum of two years yet tastes like a whiskey that has spent many more years in a barrel. The current price is $34.99 but given the quality, I could easily see the price jumping up $20 and it would still be worth every penny.

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