Make way gentlemen, the ladies are coming through. Saint Liberty Whiskey is ringing the bell of freedom, equality and hope with each of their whiskey expressions that showcases a real Prohibition-era female bootlegger’s liking and story on each of their labels. The company sources craft whiskies from around the world and tweaks them with a touch of pure water from the home states of each of the women who you see on their bottles. With each pour you will unlock the individual personality of the spirit as well as the women they honor. The company also donates 5% of their gross profits to benefit education, entrepreneurial groups, and empowerment for the women of today and the future.

Mary’s Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Nose- Butterscotch and vanilla with a soft nuttiness

Palate- Surprising spice that sizzles and fills the mouth, light body with subtle sweetness that can’t overcome that heat.

Finish- The fire settles down slightly on the swallow but leaves its spicy vapor lingering on the palate.

Josephine’s Flat Head River Straight Rye Whiskey

Nose- Light and airy, with smells of fresh dirt and new grass

Palate- On the tongue additional earthy notes enter the scene. A pleasant yet unexpected taste of clean brisk air coming in through your nose and mouth while walking on newly mowed wet grass on a warm summer morning. That sounds strange but that is literally what the taste combined into.

Finish- The aforementioned flavors swirl together with a new caramel/maple friend before a gentle spice rises up just after the swallow.

Berties Bear Gulch Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Nose: cinnamon toast, baking spices, light smell of fresh pancakes with the mix of butter, bread, and maple syrup. Very mild green apple smell.

Palate: Burst of Brown sugar followed by light pepper leading into a maple syrup and butter taste. Reminds me of Pancakes again.

Finish: Long smooth finish, slides down easy. Maple syrup lingers and transitions slowly into pepper and oak.

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