Saison Rum Original Review

by Evangelina Galyean

Familial history and wisdom runs deep in the house of Tessendier, whose family has consisted of distillers and Master Cellars for over 130 years. Now brothers Jerome and Lilian Tessendier are holding the torch to light the future of their business. Sharing the title and responsibility of Cellar Master means applying their family’s expertise of blending and aging, once used for traditionally making cognac, to a new spirit- rum. Guided by the four stages of their creation process- origins, aging, blending and finishing-the rum develops itself in a natural sequence, hence its name translated season from French Saison.

Saison Rum Original 42%

Spirits for this bottle are originally aged at their location of origin, being Barbados, Trinidad, and Jamaica, for up to 5 years in American white oak casks. Then they are blended before resting in mature French oak barrels for an additional 9 months to finish.

Saison Rum Original Tasting Notes

Nose- Ripe fruit, fresh cut wood, caramel, right-out-of-the-oven  white cake.

Palate- Full, soft and syrupy, light melon, and oak

Finish- Lasting finish that is starts with a bit of a kick then settles into a nice even warmth. Gentle honey-like sweetness joins in as well.

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