Mad March Hare Irish Poitin Review

by Daniel Galyean

Ireland’s oldest spirit Poitín has been slowly making a comeback since 1997 when the ban on the liquid was lifted after being forced underground in 1661. This traditional Irish spirit, which pre-dates Irish whiskey, is made with 100% locally sourced malted barley which has been triple distilled in copper pot stills. The result of hundreds of years of secret distilling is a versatile un-aged spirit with smooth characteristics that lend itself to a simple mixed drink just as well as the base of a craft cocktail.

Mad March Hare Irish Poitin Tasting Notes

Nose- Grain is first and foremost, then a small amount of fermented sweetness squeezes its way alongside when the glass is swirled

Palate-  Light and sweet, with gentle notes of honey mixed with a slight bitterness and malt flavor.

Finish- A nice little sizzle and heat down the throat leaving an evenly warm feeling, nothing biting.

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