Ahus Akvavit Review

by Evangelina Galyean

What is Aquavit? Aquavit as it is more commonly called, depending on the region is generally a clear spirit distilled from grain and potatoes. According to the European Union the dominant flavor must be from caraway and/or dill along with any number of other spices and herbs.

Akvavit, as the spirit is referred to in the Ahus company’s seaside region of Sweden, is one that has been generated by a focused craftsmanship sharpened by a long standing heritage of producing the alcohol for over a century. Sweden’s form of akvavit differs from other European Countries in that it must also contain fennel in its mixture of botanicals to bear the name of the unique spirit. The brand creates just this one variety of the liquid which means each step of their process is meticulously completed to arrive at the perfect palate of flavors that can be enjoyed neat or in a refreshing cocktail alongside a delicious meal. Each of the five botanicals which include lemon, caraway, orange peel, fennel and rosemary are individually soaked and distilled before being blended to create the specific flavor profile that Ahus is known for. The finished beverage is one of refreshing aromatics and invigorating taste.

Ahus Akvavit Tasting Notes

Nose- Wild mint, and fennel, wet soil on a cold day, sweet lemon

Palate- freshly grated ginger, earthy spring water, white pepper

Finish- an even warmth as it leaves the palate with a refreshing tingle

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