Tiki Lovers Rum Review

by Daniel Galyean

Each of these rums from Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauk, who are also the makers of The Bitter Truth products, are created with all natural ingredients and bottled at a high proof to enhance the flavor and intensity of each expression. Crafting each bottle with the knowledge and passion taken from time spent in the Caribbean Islands and the heritage and spirit of rum-making there, the pair have developed three unique rums that hold a new level of complexity in both taste and aroma than the average rum you may be used to. Experience the tropics with every sip.

Tiki Lovers Dark Rum Tasting Notes

Nose- Brown butter, caramel candy, ripened  fruit flesh, get some dark woody scent as well.

Palate- Blunt burst of complex variants of oak mixes with dark molasses and char

Finish- More of a bite than I’m used to with rum, a balanced heat that lingers follows the swallow.

Tiki Lovers White Rum Tasting Notes

Nose- Scents of overripe banana grabs you first, with a swirl notes of young coconut flesh break through and light melon, very inviting and reminiscent of a refreshing tropical fruit stand.

Palate- Full-bodied and rich, providing a lovely thick coating with flavors of a tropical fruit medley and sweet sugary syrup.

Finish- Nice balance of heat and sweetness that allows for a prolonged period to savor every aspect.

Tiki Lovers Pineapple Rum Tasting Notes

Nose- Hot-out-of-the-oven pineapple upside down cake, with a hint of oak

Palate- Creamy texture and flavors of sun-baked pineapple and thick dark molasses

Finish- Gentle and smooth finish, with a cozy heat that follows with a quick end.

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