Del Maguey Launches DEL MAGUEY VIDA® Puebla, the Newest Addition to its Portfolio

by Phillip Galyean

Del Maguey announces the launch of its newest expression, DEL MAGUEY VIDA®Puebla. Following the Del Maguey Single Village® tradition of craftsmanship, this expression brings the heritage of DEL MAGUEY VIDA®Clásico, traditionally produced in San Luis del Rio, Oaxaca, to a new palenque located in Axocopan, Puebla.

Del Maguey will be launching DEL MAGUEY VIDA® Puebla in all major markets across the US, inviting new drinkers to its Mezcal portfolio while continuing to highlight the hand-crafted expressions made by the original partner producers. Producing DEL MAGUEY VIDA® Puebla in a state-of-the-art palenque in Puebla, Mexico – widely recognized as one of the most important states to produce Mezcal – and launching DEL MAGUEY VIDA® Puebla, the brand aims to continue trailblazing within the category.

Nuanced and artisanal, DEL MAGUEY VIDA® Puebla is an ideal introduction to the Mezcal journey. It appeals in ease of drinking and its competitive price point, and is savory and bright on the nose with notes of roasted agave softened by hints of citrus, white peach, and candied pine. As the palenque is located in Axocopan, DEL MAGUEY VIDA® Puebla is truly a taste of place, boasting a distinct minerality from the volcanic rock in the Puebla soil.

A project envisioned and brought to life in collaboration with co-founder Steve Olson, DEL MAGUEY VIDA® Puebla aims to meet the growing demand in the mezcal category while creating a sustainable future for the category and the region. “We saw the need and wanted to show it’s possible to grow in the right way: by creating a liquid that’s sustainably produced, with respect to the land, plant, and environment, honoring traditional process and culture and the people who make the Mezcal,” says Olson. “We felt it was our responsibility, because we opened the door to this culture by introducing the category to the world.”

As a reminder of the brand heritage, founder Ron Cooper – a visual artist – fell in love with Mezcal in Oaxaca more than 25 years ago, and felt compelled to introduce his friends, family, and the world to the mystifying spirit, highlighting the unique artisanship of each individual producer. It’s what led him to launch Del Maguey and introduce the category of traditional Mezcal in the US. And DEL MAGUEY VIDA® Puebla embodies this notion – it is an invitation to those who haven’t yet experienced the power of Mezcal, and it’s a celebration of the brand’s rich history: where we’ve been and where we’re going.

DEL MAGUEY VIDA® Puebla is bottled at 40% ABV, and will begin rolling out in select states in March 2023, including NY, CA, FL, TX, IL, and OH. DEL MAGUEY VIDA® Puebla will be available nationwide, on-shelves and at on-premise accounts, starting July 2023 (SRP: $37.99 / 750ML).

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