Balcones Distilling Commemorates 15 Years with the Release of Cataleja Texas Single Malt

by Phillip Galyean

As a leader at the forefront of the whisky revolution in Texas, Balcones Distilling is proudly unveiling a new single malt whisky in celebration of their 15-Year Anniversary: Cataleja Texas Single Malt.

As the American Single Malt category continues to explode, with year-over-year sales growing at a remarkable double-digit rate1, Cataleja Texas Single Malt emerges as a symbol of the innovative spirit that has been the bedrock of this booming new category.

“Cataleja Texas Single Malt is one of the most complex and unique whiskies we’ve made. It’s a testament to the Balcones commitment to exploration, experimentation, and an unyielding dedication to our craft,” said Jared Himstedt, head distiller at Balcones Distilling. “We each had our own vision of Cataleja, what it might become, and its individual character. Even now that it’s here, it’s more distinctive than we imagined. This process showcases our continued commitment to engaging with our whisky in a meaningful way to create unique, expressive flavors.”

Made with 100% Golden Promise Malted Barley, this single malt began its maturation journey in barrels previously used to age Kentucky bourbon, and after three years of the Texas climate’s concentrating effects, was transferred into decommissioned Sherry Solera casks that were meticulously hand-selected from various Spanish bodegas (wine cellars): Moscatel, Amontillado Dulce, Oloroso and Palo Cortado. Because the first fill showcased the wonderfully high impact of the 80+ year old casks, the whisky was transferred back into neutral barrels and then followed with two additional rounds of refill single malts through the decommissioned casks, as they continued to provide sherry impact alongside the delicate malt character.

“Cataleja Texas Single Malt is an ode to whisky makers of the past – it is our way of honoring the makers who’ve come before us and using the best of the techniques and the ingredients that they had at their disposal,” said Himstedt. “This complex whisky not only pays homage to the pioneers who have inspired us, but it also embraces the relentless pursuit of crafting something uniquely its own.”

For those that are 21 years or older, Cataleja Texas Single Malt has an SRP of $125 and will be available to purchase for a limited time only at select U.S. liquor retailers in Texas, California, Illinois, Colorado, New York and Florida. The limited release will be available starting this month, but Balcones will also be offering a first taste for all guests at its 15th Anniversary celebration this Saturday, October 28, at the Balcones Distillery in Waco, Texas.

“Waco has been instrumental in the birth of Balcones, and a dear partner in our growth and development over the years,” said Himstedt. “Being able to reintroduce Balcones and celebrate 15 years of our whisky journey with Cataleja, surrounded by our community, is an honor and a joy that we don’t take lightly.”

Additional details for those 21+ years old interested in attending the 15th Anniversary event, including how to purchase a ticket, can be found at

About Balcones Distilling

Balcones Distilling pioneered a new landscape for whisky by combining centuries of single malt distilling tradition with the unique flavors of Texas. Synonymous with quality and innovation, Balcones Distilling is an award-winning distillery that is changing the state of whisky through its high-quality ingredients and unique processes to create layers of flavor in every expression.

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